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Want to become a NON SMOKER FOR LIFE but nothing has worked before?

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Want to become a NON SMOKER FOR LIFE but nothing has worked before?

Are you worried about your health?

Does the thought of getting sick and not being there for your kids or grandkids weigh heavily on your mind?

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Quitting Smoking Doesn't Have To Be Hard...

Being an ex-smoker myself I know just how hard it can be to quit without the proper help and it wasn’t until I sought out a Gold Coast quit smoking hypnotherapist myself that I was able to quit. 

Most methods of stopping smoking, whilst well enough intentioned are simply replacing one habit with another and seldom do anything to deal with the real issues concerning your smoking habit.

HYPNOSIS for stopping smoking makes it EASY!

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Why Do You Smoke?

Quit Smoking With Hypnotherapy

I help people just like YOU quit the smoking habit permanently! Experience the freedom, the health, wealth and happiness that comes with becoming a NON SMOKER TODAY!

Becoming a NON SMOKER using hypnosis is the easiest thing you will ever do! You can stop without withdrawals, cravings or weight gain!

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You Can Simply Quit…

Have you quit in the past and found that every time you get stressed, angry, bored, have a drink or catch up with people you fall off the wagon and reach for another cigarette?

Smoking is actually several habits rolled into one. Aside from the physical aspect, there are psychological and habitual elements at play.

That’s why people struggle to quit smoking on their own. Just when you think you’ve gotten over it, all the other parts of the habit pull you back in.


Hypnotherapy Makes Quitting Smoking EASY

My two session Permanent Non Smoker Hypnotherapy Program has been specially designed to tackle all of these elements so you become, and remain, a Permanent Non Smoker. Giving you the life, you deserve.

Become A Permanent Non Smoker Today

My two session Stop smoking Hypnotherapy program can help you break free of the vicious cycle of constant relapse by working with you to discover why you really smoke, what if any emotional components may be present, whether your smoking habit is connected in some way to a negative event from your past and making the necessary changes at the subconscious level that will allow you permanent freedom from cigarettes.

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By Quitting Smoking, You Will Be:




Hypnotherapy For Health

93% Success Quit Smoking Rate In Just Two Sessions

What’s the success rate of my clients? Well Compared to other methods of quitting smoking like gums, pills, and patches which often have success rates as low as 6%, 93% of my stop smoking hypnosis clients have quit by the end of their follow up session.

In just two short, personally tailored hypnotherapy sessions, your entire life will change! In the first session which can take up to 90mins, YOU QUIT SMOKING!

We delve into why YOU smoke, why smoking doesn’t actually help with stress, and collapse any emotional triggers that may be present.

You will learn techniques to deal with stress, cravings (not just cigarette cravings but ANY craving) the power of your own breath and why you may not actually be ‘addicted’ to cigarettes…

The second 40min session scheduled four to seven days later is your follow up appointment where we reinforce all the good work you have done and make this PERMANENT!

We will work together to ensure you have full understanding of why you smoke and strategies for ongoing success as a non-smoker.

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Hypnotherapy For Smoking

Why Choose Hypnosis To Quit?

Hypnosis breaks down the psychological and habitual triggers that keep you smoking.

You will feel happier, healthier and more successful.

My Stop Smoking help program will have you living longer, breathing easier and feeling confident and in control of your life.

You will be given all the tools you need to become a Permanent Non Smoker for life.

Your new life is only two short sessions of hypnotherapy away!

In the first session you ‘Quit Smoking’ and in the second we reinforce the work we have done so you remain a non-smoker for life! Healthier! Wealthier! Happier!

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