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Events That Can Lead To Symptoms Of PTSD Include (But Aren’t Limited To):

Maybe certain things kind of remind you of that time and bring those awful feelings back?

Do you have nightmares? Do you ever re-experience the traumatic event or that period of your life almost as if it is happening again?

Or perhaps memories of the trauma feel very recent even if it happened a long time ago?

You CAN recover from ANY event, regardless of how traumatic it was, or how long ago it happened!

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The processes I use don’t require you to relive past events, and often times you don’t even have to tell me what happened and we can still help you to move forward, unaffected by the past.

Common Indications That You May Be Suffering PTSD Can Include:

It is important that when dealing with any mental or emotional disorders, or the potential for the like, that proper medical diagnosis is sought out

There Is Hope

Hypnotherapy Can Be Effective For 95% Of People

The protocols I use when helping people with PTSD are effective in up to 95% of cases. I can help you quickly and comfortably escape the horrors of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

This isn’t to say we can change the past, unfortunately nothing can change what happened but once we process all the built up emotions and you aren’t responding negatively to the events and associated triggers anymore you are no longer held captive to your past.

While most people start seeing major improvements after a single session best results are usually achieved after a short program of three or four.


Imagine living your life without fear, the truth is you don’t have to struggle anymore.

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I went and saw Phil about 8 weeks ago following the break up of long term relationship. I was in an extremely dark and low place with no idea how to move forward. Over the years I had seen multiple counsellors for many issues and always felt like I had hit a road block. My depression was never able to be truly addressed. With an extremely open mind I went and had the 4 sessions of Hypnosis with Phil. The difference with each session was unbelievable, I felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders after each one. My entire outlook has changed and issues from my past were able to be addressed and finally let go of. Guilt that I had held on to for 20 and 30 years over certain issues was suddenly gone. That feeling of relief and calmness I struggle to put in to words. I immediately felt at ease the minute I met Phil and he is extremely relateable. I absolutely recommend Phil to anyone who has anxiety, depression or feels stuck in their life. He is brilliant at what he does.

Troy Ramke

I reached out to Phil to help me process and deal with sudden trauma I experienced just before Christmas 2020. The event left me desperately sad, unable to remove horrific images out of my head and stuck with a feeling of overwhelming guilt around the incident. Phil was amazing from the very first few minutes. He was calm, reassuring, practical, empathetic and a very easy person to talk too. I had three sessions with Phil (all done online) that gave me the chance to unpack the trauma, discover what was driving the feelings from the incident in order to better deal with them and ultimately help to close the book on it, so I could move forward. As my request, I also asked for help to dealt with some other areas of guilt and anxiety that had plagued me for years and had hindered my ability to feel happy about the person or situation when I thought of it/them. This made a huge change in my life, and allowed me to find closure on them too. It was a tough but cathartic experience. Phil’s techniques are powerful but gentle and allow you to dig down into very deep set emotions. His patient and questioning style allows you to slowly walk through emotion or trigger as you need too; guiding and helping you manage them at your own pace. Phil is a wonderfully supportive, caring and approachable therapist who is genuinely invested in helping people to address their issues. I have no hesitation recommending Phil to anyone who needs support.

Dakota Kennedy

After the sudden and tragic passing of my amazing brother, I enlisted the services of Phil Cardow. After nearly 46 years of battling the effects of childhood trauma and dysfunction, I had finally reached the point in my life where I had just had enough. I had been struggling with rejection, abandonment issues, panic attacks, fear, self esteem issues, varying types of anxiety, in particular social anxiety. I felt as if I was living half a life a majority of the time, and know that these issues in my life, were greatly impacting my quality of life, and that of my relationships with others, and my family. I completed four sessions with Phil, and from the conclusion of my first session, I could already notice changes to my mindset, and thought processes. As each session was completed, the changes and healing continued. By the completion of the fourth session, I was totally transformed, and so was my life. I highly recommend Phil Cardow’s services, and encourage those struggling, no matter to what degree, to contact Phil. You don’t have to just settle! Today is your day! Just take that step of contacting Phil Cardow, to set up a time to chat, and see your life transform before your very eyes, and the eyes of those around you! You ARE worth it!

Jodi McDonald

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