What is ‘Parts Therapy’?

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And How Did It Help A Recent Client Who Didn’t Want To Quit Smoking ACTUALLY QUIT?

I had an unusual request at my Gold Coast hypnotherapy clinic recently. An inquiry came through from someone who admitted that they didn’t actually want to quit smoking cigarettes but they WANTED to want to quit – Could I help they asked?

Now, usually if someone doesn’t want to quit then they almost certainly won’t. But this particular gentleman wanted to want to quit, and for all the usual reasons – health, wealth and happiness so I thought ‘let’s do it’!

I did inform him prior to booking him in that it may take a bit more work to help him achieve what he wanted (stop smoking hypnotherapy treatments are usually two sessions) and that we would first have to deal with the ‘part’ of him that didn’t want to quit and see if we could talk it around.

Cue ‘Parts Therapy!’

When I talk about parts I am referring to the part of you that is responsible for a certain habit. There is a part of you that is responsible everything that you do unconsciously from tying your shoes, to driving your car, to causing anxiety or causing you to think you want to smoke. As you can imagine you have LOTS of parts.

So, we got to work talking to the ‘Part’ of Nigel (name edited) that didn’t want to quit, or wanted to keep Nigel smoking. While Nigel was in his quit smoking treatment talking to this part was very easy. In fact it had lots of things to say and offered many good reasons why it wanted to continue smoking. In Nigel’s case it wasn’t so much for stress and anxiety like lots of other people but this part had very fond memories of the time before Nigel was married with kids and was trying to keep him connected to the time in his life when he was ‘free’ to do whatever he wanted.

So, this part actually had a positive intent – it wasn’t malicious or trying to cause him any harm at all. After a conversation with the smoking part, it came to the realisation that this habit was likely causing Nigel harm, costing him 200 odd dollars a week, was keeping him from valuable family time, and setting a bad example for his four kids.

After that it agreed to take on a new role which was one of focusing on the present, being in the moment with his wife and kids and not trying to drag him back into the past. Once the smoking part agreed to its new role, the smoking habit completely disappeared. We never actually got around to doing any quit smoking hypnosis for his habit as the real issue had been resolved and I can happily say that Nigel is now a happier, healthier, wealthier non-smoker.


Immediately after our first session he went for a pub lunch with his friend and noticed that he was no longer drawn to the smoking area, didn’t have any urges or cravings and the next week when he attended his second appointment hadn’t smoked at all. This is the power of parts therapy.

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So, if you have a habit or problem that you feel conflicted about, regardless of what it is, then there’s a fantastic chance that you have a ‘part’ that needs some help to see the light or find something better to do.

If quitting smoking or making any other changes in your life is something that you would like to know more about then book a call back here or call phil anytime on 0423 481 306.

Reaching out is the hardest part.

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