How to Stop Anxiety Naturally with Hypnosis

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Hi, I'm a Hypnotherapist based on the Gold Coast, Australia. I love helping people overcoming a wide range of barriers with hypnotherapy.

What is Anxiety?

First of all, let me state that anxiety is a perfectly natural human emotion and response, and that some anxiety is actually absolutely necessary. You need it to keep you safe, to help you make intelligent decisions, and to make you aware of any potential dangers that may be in your environment or immediate vicinity no matter where you are – at home, work or play on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane. Anxiety as your fight and flight response.


You know that wary, cautious feeling you get when someone comes up behind you? Or when you are walking down a dark street or alley way? Or if you have ever been in a dangerous or threatening situation you suddenly find yourself on high alert? That’s your anxiety doing what it’s supposed to do. Keeping you safe by making you aware of any potential dangers that may be around you.

Do you have Debilitating Anxiety?

Anxiety is our mind’s natural self-defense mechanism. But when we have accumulated stresses, unresolved traumas or fears from our past sometimes, our mind goes into overdrive and makes us anxious when we don’t need to be. It is quite literally holding onto emotions from the past and creating a series of physical and emotional symptoms that range from mildly uncomfortable right through to completely debilitating. Whether you live on the beautiful Gold Coast or even in leafy Brisbane, anxiety left untreated can affect all areas of your life.

Some people will experience purely physical symptoms such as butterflies in the stomach, a racing heart, sweaty palms, the jitters, or in extreme cases full blown panic attacks. Others will experience emotional symptoms like feelings of fear, dread, uncertainty, nervousness, and a lot of people will experience a combination of both which ultimately can affect our relationships, our work, our social life, our parenting abilities and every other aspect of our life.

Luckily anxiety doesn’t have to be permanent. Phil Cardow Hypnotherapy specializes in helping teenagers and adults to overcome challenges like anxiety every day.

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Gold Coast & Brisbane Hypnosis Anxiety Treatment

An Anxiety Release Hypnotherapy program  at our Gold Coast hypnotherapy clinic can help you to let go of anxiety, to change your thought patterns, to eliminate panic attacks and to feel calm and in control again. All in just a few short sessions.

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