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Gold Coast Hypnotherapy Services

As a professional Gold Coast hypnotist, I can help you make these issues a thing of the past so you can get your old self back, feel better and live a happier, less stressed life.

I offer personalized one on one sessions face to face at my Gold Coast hypnotherapy clinic or online through Zoom. This ensures we get to the root of your issues and helps achieve the most effective results quickly. Every hypnotherapy treatment I run is custom-made for your unique needs so you receive the very best tailored treatment and help you deserve. Offering professional hypnotherapy, I am available in between our face-to-face sessions at any time for continuity of care and to provide the support when you need it. Now is the time to change your life and leave the past behind. A brighter future begins now!

To get started, please contact me for at best gold coast hypnotherapy clinic today. I look forward to helping and supporting you through your healing journey.

Is Anxiety Driving You Crazy?

Do You Get Sudden Panic Attacks?

Is Your Child Or Partner Anxious?

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Some Anxiety Is Normal

First of all, let me start of by saying that anxiety is actually necessary. You need it to keep you safe, to help you make intelligent decisions, and to make you aware of any potential dangers that may be in your environment or immediate vicinity.

You know that wary, cautious feeling you get when someone comes up behind you? Or when you are walking down a dark street or alley way? Or if you have ever been in a dangerous or threatening situation you suddenly find yourself on high alert?

That’s your anxiety doing what it’s supposed to do. Keeping you safe by making you aware of any potential dangers that may be around you.

Anxiety is our minds natural self-defence mechanism. But when we have accumulated stresses, or fears from our past sometimes our mind goes into overdrive and makes us anxious when we don’t need to be.

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Take Back Control Of Your Life

A state of constant worry or intense fear is not only unnecessary, it is often debilitating. If you are experiencing regular, or daily anxiety I ca help you to fully recover and take back control of your life so that you only experience anxiety when you need to.

Anxiety is usually a response to a frightening situation, a trauma, (or multiple traumas) or even the accumulation of day to day stresses. Even if you haven’t experienced major trauma, or you have lead a relativle charmed or uneventful life the mind can hold on to things making anxiety an unnecessary part of daily Life .

As a professional Gold Coast Hypnotherapist, I can help you to release the past so the future looks bright again!

This is the life you can and deserve to live, with the help of the resources and programs we have available at our Gold Coast Clinic you can start to transform your life within days.

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About Phil

Do you Have Any Of These Anxiety Symptoms?

  • Mild jitters to full blown daily panic attacks
  • Constant worry, fear of the future, or fear of places, things, people or objects
  • Sleeplessness, trouble going to sleep, trouble staying asleep or insomnia
  • Nail biting or hair pulling

You may have unsuccessfully tried some of the traditional strategies for getting rid of anxiety such as:

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Calm Your Mind With Hypnotherapy

During hypnosis, your unconscious mind works with us to allow powerful changes to be made so that in the future you find yourself calm, relaxed and in control in situations that may have previously caused you anxiety, or even panic.

It is important to know that at no stage are you out of control, or being controlled, you are simply enjoying a beautiful, often very relaxing experience that will allow to heal your past, and create the future you deserve!

Imagine being able to achieve what you want in life without the constant struggle. Imagine bounding out of bed each day, feeling energised and positive about what the day will bring. You can leave behind the fear and the doubt and the hardship.

At my Gold Coast hypnotherapy clinic, I can help you overcome many disorders such as:

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