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Hypnotherapy Terms

Hypnosis, hypnotherapy, healing and facilitating change is my life, and second only to my wife and kids is my true love and passion. There isn’t much in life that brings be happiness like knowing someone else’s life is better because of the time we spent together.

I have been in hypnotherapy practice fulltime, and a professional hypnotist from 2017 since leaving my last career as a workshop manager and supervisor in the fabrication and engineering trade in which I spent more than fifteen years working in construction sites, and gas plants all across Australia.

I have always enjoyed coaching and mentoring staff and helping them to become the best possible versions of themselves and my years of management and leadership experience made making the move to, and facilitating the client – therapist relationship seamless.

After spending far too many years struggling with issues like anxiety and depression, drinking, and smoking cigarettes, and having experienced my own profound transformations and discovering a new found appreciation for life and happiness my goal is simple – to help an many people as possible make the same amazing, and positive changes in their own lives.

Phil Cardow

Helping You Transform Your Life

Whether it is helping someone to escape the torment that is anxiety and depression, helping them to live longer by quitting the smoking habit or removing triggers that result in emotional eating, self harm, excessive alcohol consumption and even clearing out unnecessary fears and phobias when someone tells me that their life is changing and for the better I can barely contain my joy. My Gold Coast hypnosis clinic is where the magic happens!

Change doesn’t come from talking about problems week in, week out. It comes from delving deep into a person’s experiences, deep into their own mind and facilitating such an environment that they can create their own changes. A place where they can let go of old emotions from the past, and create a new future for themselves.

My job as a qualified hypnotist is to guide you, and to help you go deep inside yourself where true change work happens, staying at the surface doesn’t cut it. I will help you to help yourself make the changes you deserve. Heal old wounds, change habits, engineer your new life and mindset in a way where you will always feel fully in control, safe, and confident in the process.

It is truly a beautiful thing to be a part of. Your future self will love you for it.

So please, come work with me at Phil Cardow Hypnotherapy and enjoy your own life changing transformation. Together we will figure out what is going on for you, what you want to be able to achieve, and how best to get you from where you are now to where you deserve to be.

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