Why Hypnotherapy Works Better Than Talk Therapies

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How Do Traditional Talk Therapies Like Counselling and Psychology Work?

This is an interesting statement and one that I get raised often by my Gold Coast Hypnotherapy clients. Counselling and psychology are conscious processes which means that you are engaged with your therapist at a conscious level. This in only the thinking and analytical part of your mind which makes up about 5% of your capacity. The counsellor or psychologist will ask questions about what has happened in your life and how you feel about those events.


Let’s say for example you know (or believe you know) what has caused the way you feel. For example, if you’ve had a car accident and are now feeling anxious on the road you will be asked to talk about the event. What happened leading up to the event, the event itself, and what happened afterwards which has resulted in how you’re now feeling on the road or when you’re driving.


The emotions will likely be ones of fear, uncertainty, not feeling safe, feeling out of control, or even feelings of impending doom which can lead to panic attacks.


Simply talking about these events and the feelings that you are holding on to may help you better understand what is happening to you, realise that you are not alone or that these sort of feelings are common after a traumatic event. However, talking about them alone will not make them go away and the problem will persist meaning that the next time you are on the road, or perhaps even just thinking about driving they will resurface and you will experience them again.


This is simply because talk therapy is a conscious process, and it is utilising the conscious mind. The conscious mind has very little influence over how we feel or react to situations, places, events and the people in them.

Why Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Is More Effective

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With the hypnosis and hypnotherapy treatments I offer, you are engaging with the unconscious or subconscious mind which is the part of the mind that is responsible for our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our habits and our beliefs. This is the part of the mind that has the problem and the part of the mind that we need to access to make permanent changes in the way we respond.

In my Gold Coast hypnosis clinic, we work with the unconscious mind we can let go of negative emotions, disassociate our selves from traumatic events and change the way we respond in the future.

In the example of the car accident when the fear from that event is released, the need for the anxiety or panic state goes with it as the unconscious mind is no longer holding on to the belief that the event is frightening and as such the subsequent emotions and reactions resulting from that event are released too.

The truth is that we can’t change what has happened but we can always change how we feel about what happened and create a new future for ourselves.

The best part of hypnotherapy and working at the unconscious level is that ANYONE can do it. If you have changes you’d like to make in your life and are struggling to do it for yourself then feel free to book a call here and we can discuss what is happening, what you’re feeling that you’re not liking and what you would like to change.

Reaching out is the hardest part.

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