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Change How You Think About Food

The Virtual Gastric Band is NOT a diet and does NOT involve deprivation. If you need help with aversion to certain foods (chocolate, biscuits, chips etc) then I can certainly help you with that though.

This hypnotherapy weight loss programme focuses on the resetting of your eating habits; it highlights any unhelpful food associations and helps you to make small, realistic changes that you can live with easily that will help you maintain your weight loss for the long term.

I use hypnosis and other psychology-based skills to help you to think about food more pragmatically – and results in steady, sustainable weight loss – without dieting, and completely naturally.

The Virtual Gastric Band alters your responses to food and encourages you to be satisfied on smaller portions. The less that goes in, the more that comes off.

The new habits you will develop mean you can be free from thinking about food all of the time and will enable you to enjoy the food you do eat so much more!

Want To Lose Weight?

How It Works…

The virtual gastric band weight loss program is delivered over four sessions, it is designed to help change your mind-set on food and reinforce long-term behaviour change, including smaller portions and regular exercise.

The sessions are highly personalised and are tailored to you as an individual – because we are all different and unique.

The hypnosis will address issues that have perhaps derailed your weight management in the past, including snacking, and comfort eating.

Your sessions can be carried out either in person or online via Zoom.

Hypnosis for weight loss is incredibly safe, effective and popular, and provides a fantastic life-long solution for those who struggle with food habits.

Change Your Mindset

Reinforce Positive Food Behaviours
Highly Personalised Sessions
In Person Or Via Zoom

Stop The Yo Yo Dieting - Say Goodbye To Guilt Forever

It is important to note that I am not a nutritionist and nutritional advice should be tailored to you by a relevant professional. I will help you to make the necessary subconscious changes to facilitate weight loss for the long term.
The Virtual Gastric Band is amazing, we utilise the power of your own mind to help you be satisfied on much smaller amounts of food so that weight loss follows naturally.
The Virtual Gastric Band is non-surgical so no recovery time. It’s perfectly natural in that it harnesses the power of your own mind, it’s reliable – 95% of people see results, and completely safe.

We will work together to set realistic, achievable goals for your weight loss journey. Your four one hour sessions will be carried out weekly (or close to it), you will have a support recording to listen to twice daily to help reinforce your commitment and the changes that are taking place.

I myself have lost nearly fifteen kilos using this exact program and am living testament to just how effective it can be.

I will also teach you methods for dealing with any stresses that happen in your life and EFT (tapping) to deal with any negative emotions, or cravings that you may have.

95% Of People See Results

Non-Surgical Process
Completely Safe
Free Support Recording & Tapping Strategies

Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today!

I went to Phil for help losing weight. He has done so much more for me than just losing weight. I no longer crave sugar or junk food and no more emotional or boredom eating as well as no more large portions. I am back in control and back on track and feeling great. You have helped me with much more than just”weight loss” from our sessions. You made me believe in myself again and that I can be fit and healthy and back to where I was. Thank you for making the experience so welcoming and great! Don’t wait, seriously seeing Phil was the best thing I have done – I am so grateful you were recommended to me.

Kerin Marshall

Hi! I had 3 sessions with Phil to try and curb my overeating. He was able to take me to a place where I could recognize my triggers and see when it started and why. I would highly recommend seeing Phil. It was a very positive experience for me.

Sharon Meredith

Just wanted to thank you for being so amazing at what you do. I came to you wanting you to trick my mind in to thinking I didnt have a food addiction, but what you did was so much more. In what felt like just a chat, you have given me the tools to deal with stressors from my past, present and future. I havent weighed myself in over 2 weeks now, this was once a daily ritual, now I no longer feel the need to guilt or punish myself, I feel good. As funny as it sounds, i feel like only just now at the age of 33, I am able to approach things with a mature mind, my minds age if that makes sense. Not as the defensive teen, or insecure child, or even insecure 33yr old me. So thank you!

Jasmine Hudson

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