Making the Most of your Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Sessions

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How to Ensure the Best Chance of Quitting Smoking?

Hypnotherapy is probably most well-known for its success rate in helping people to quit habits like smoking cigarettes. In fact, a skilled and experienced hypnotherapist, like my Gold Coast hypnotherapy services, should be boasting at least a ninety percent success rate. My own success rate is about 93% (stats taken over two years after one month follow up).

But it’s not magic…and you do need to want to quit the smoking habit for yourself and not for someone else, or because your spouse or doctor has told you to.

Why Quit Smoking?

The reason quitting smoking is difficult on your own is that it very quickly becomes a deeply ingrained psychological and unconscious habit. Most of the time people don’t even know why they are smoking or what prompted them to light that cigarette up. Yes, sometimes stress, emotional events, and other daily upheavals in life can trigger us to want to smoke. We smoke with our morning coffee, on the drive to work, when things stress us out, when we have a beer or a wine at the end of the day or wherever else our habit but most of the time it’s not a need or a want, it’s just a habit.

So, How do I to Quit Smoking?

So, three things you can do for yourself right now to start unpacking your smoking habit, understanding it better, and reducing the amount of cigarettes you smoke on your own are:

Is It Just Habit?

When you go to light up simply ask yourself, do I want this cigarette or am I simply doing this out of habit? If there’s no real craving just give yourself a few minutes and see what happens. Very likely the feeling or moment will pass and you will realise it was just one of those pesky habitual smokes. Congratulations that’s one less nail in the proverbial coffin.

Is It Just A Craving?

If you do decide it is a craving, take yourself somewhere quiet and do some deep breathing. Most of the time a minute or two of quiet deep breathing will allow the craving to subside and you can go about your day. Congratulations that’s two less nails in the coffin.

Distract Yourself

Recognise that yes you are having a craving, and simply tell yourself that you acknowledge that it’s happening but you’re choosing to do something else. It doesn’t even matter what it is but taking yourself out of that situation and choosing to do something else instead will allow the feelings to subside and the craving will pass. Congratulations that’s three less nails in the coffin.

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

If none of this works for you, or it’s just not enough and you need help and you’d like to have a chat about how easily Phil Cardow Hypnotherapy can help you to resolve this at the unconscious level, please give me a call on 0423 481 306. My Gold Coast quit smoking hypnotherapy services can help you release all cravings and become a happy, healthy non-smoker. Simply click the button below and book in a call with me today.

Becoming a non-smoker will be one of the best things you ever do.

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