A Phobia Is An Extreme Or Irrational Fear Of, Or Aversion To Something.

Phobias can range from mildly annoying to completely debilitating and while approximately 10% of the Australian adult population suffers from sore sort of phobia the simple truth is that you don’t need to anymore.

At Phil Cardow Hypnotherapy I love helping people overcome phobias, and regardless of how severe your reaction is, over ninety percent of my clients achieve successful results in as little as two to four sessions.

How To Overcome Fear And Treat Phobias

First of all, it is important to note that a phobia is not just a silly feeling, nor is it something that you can just ignore or ‘get over’. The phobic response often feel like intense fear or heightened anxiety.

Thankfully, fears and phobias are highly treatable. The most effective way to overcome fear and for phobia treatment is treating the root cause through tailored hypnotherapy and psychotherapy sessions.

The reason these therapies are so effective in helping to overcome fear and treat phobias is that these techniques get to the bottom of the fear and phobia. In other words, they help identify why the fear has taken root and in turn promote solutions to beat the problem. As a matter of fact, many who receive phobia treatment and therapy to overcome fear see significant results in as little as 2-4 treatment sessions.

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The difference between fears and phobias?

The first essential step to overcome fear and for effective phobia treatment is to understand the difference between them. Indeed you could simply start by asking yourself do I have a fear or is it a phobia, but this may not provide the clarity needed.

What Is A Phobia?

A phobia is simply a heightened or intensified fear. The way you react or respond is the same but the level of intensity can be such that you find yourself panic stricken, or even debilitated.
On a positive note, phobias, like other fears are a function of our subconscious mind and as such can be treated effectively with hypnotherapy in over 90% of cases. Your mind is trying to protect you and when it understands that that protection in no longer necessary, your fear response will come down or disappear all together.

What Is A Fear?

Fear is a rationalised and justified emotion that comes in response to a threatening situation. It is your mind telling you that there is something dangerous or threatening in your environment.
Everyone, to varying degrees of intensity, experiences fear in their life. Most people know what it feels like to get a little anxious or overwhelmed when faced with a new or stressful situation. Or something that has a known element of danger attached to it.
Trying to overcome fear on our own is not easy. In truth the feeling of fear is very necessary and is your mind doing what it is meant to do by protecting you.
However when that fear becomes unmanageable or unnecessarily intense then we may have developed a phobia – an intense or irrational fear of, or aversion to something.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome intense fears and phobias in just two to four session by getting to the root cause, processing the necessary events and emotions that cause the phobia, and allowing you to enjoy life again.

Got A Fear Or Phobia?

Causes Of Phobias

Fears and Phobias can start anywhere, or at any time in your life. Oftentimes in childhood while we are still very impressionable but also at any at any other stage of our life. For example

Phobia Symptoms can feel similar to panic, intense, irrational fear, rapid heart rate, feelings of dread, sweating, shaking/trembling, difficulty breathing, an overwhelming desire to escape.

Types of Phobias we can develop are unfortunately limited only by our mind. If we can imagine it we can become scared of it though typically phobias are of places, activities, objects, animals or situations.

Hypnotherapy will help you to reduce or eliminate your phobia so that you no longer need to feel restricted, so you no longer need to avoid certain things which will in turn help reduce you overall feelings of stress and anxiety knowing you are no longer being held back from achieving whatever it is you want to achieve.

The Top 11 Phobias, As Agreed Upon By Top Scientific Journals Are As Listed Below:

Arachnophobia – The Fear Of Spiders

Ophidiophobia – The fear Of Snakes

Acrophobia – The Fear Of Heights

Social Phobia - Social Anxiety Disorder

Aerophobia- The Fear Of Flying

Cynophobia – The Fear Of Dogs

Mysophobia – The Fear Of Germs

Agoraphobia – The Fear Of Open Or Crowded Spaces

Astraphobia – The Fear Of Thunder And Lightning

Claustrophobia – The Fear Of Small Spaces

Trypophobia – The Fear Of Holes

Hypnotherapy can be effective in treating these phobias and many more, so please get in touch with me and start living life without fear today!

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