Is it Possible to Recover from Emotional Trauma?

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Absolutely Yes!

You can recover from emotional trauma!

The brain is a truly wonderful piece of hardware and whilst for the most part keeps our emotional state in check and has things running smoothly. But when we encounter trauma the parts of our brain that are responsible for initiating our fight and flight states (the amygdala, the prefrontal cortex and the limbic system) , it can get stuck while trying to process the emotions of those events causing the brain and the unconscious mind to hang on to the emotions from those events causing and leaving us with what is commonly known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In our Gold Coast Hypnotherapy Clinic, we treat people for all sorts of trauma and help them to live without the devastating effects of such symptoms as PTSD, CPTSD, Depersonalisation / Derealisation and all the anxiety, fear and depression that are too often the result of living through severe trauma.

Anything Can Cause Trauma

When people think of trauma the first thing that comes to mind for most are the big ticket items like emotional, sexual or physical abuse, physical traumas such as violence and car crashes, but the truth is that anything that scars you and leaves you symptomatic can be considered a trauma, cause you to feel stuck or easily triggered by certain people, places, situations, smells, sounds or events and make you feel anything from uncomfortable right through to completely debilitated.

Children or adults that endure bullying either at school, in the home or in the workplace may start to doubt there worth in the world and become reclusive, anxious or depressed and not enjoy life or even attempt to live to their full potential.

Someone that has experienced sexual abuse may have intimacy or trust issues in the future may begin emotional eating, drinking or substance abuse to cope with the way they are feeling.

Certain sounds, smells, places, people or events can in extreme cases lead us to fully shut down if we aren’t healed from the trauma that we experienced.

The truth is when you are in legitimate danger you actually need to experience emotions like fight and flight because it your innate protective system telling you that danger is present and you need to get yourself safe. Once the event passes the emotions are supposed to as well.

If you’re still feeling negative emotions from past events, or getting triggered by them then you may be experiencing the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress and they can range from mild feeling of fear through to overwhelming panic but other symptoms can include an inability to remain present, always feeling on alert, doubting yourself and your decision making abilities and anger issues just to name a few.

Almost any negative or emotional experience can trigger the effects of PTSD or even CPTSD but common events are anything from physical/sexual or emotional abuse, violence, physical trauma, combat or first responder situations, the loss of loves ones, medical situations or diagnoses, bullying in the home, school or work place, divorce, break ups and heart break, neglectful parents and even sibling rivalry.

You Can Heal From Trauma

Luckily healing from PTSD, CPTSD and even Dissociative disorders with modalities like hypnosis and hypnotherapy isn’t only possible but is usually fast with the vast majority of clients seeing positive results or even massive shifts in as little as a single session.

The relaxation utilised with hypnosis combined with guided visualisations, the removal of negative emotions from events and the gentle but effective methods of disassociating the mind from past traumas and emotions can often be done content free which means that quite often you don’t even need to go into detail about what you’ve experienced and you can still heal, move forward and leave the past where it truly belongs. In the PAST!

Imagine living without the constant debilitating horror or flash backs, no longer being triggered or angry and scared, sleeping properly, trusting again and feeling calm when faced with situations that in the past would have triggered you.

Completely healing from past trauma isn’t only possible it’s easy, gentle and one of the best things that you’ll ever do for yourself.

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