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Chronic Pain Causes

Past Emotional Trauma

Stressed Nervous System

Somatic Effects

Sometimes chronic pain can be resulting from previous emotional traumas, physical traumas that contained an emotional component that needs to be addressed, or even an over stressed nervous system that needs re-balancing which is why I often use this protocol alongside others to bring about the desired results. Every client is different and is treated as such.

About Chronic Pain

Still A Need

First of all let me start by saying that pain is absolutely necessary when it relates to a physical injury.

If you have hurt yourself then you really do need to be aware of it. That is what is called acute pain. When the pain has been around for several months or more, or seems to have no identifiable cause or reason then it’s called ‘chronic pain’. This is absolutely, unnecessary, and can make it difficult to enjoy life.

The minds first and foremost directive is to protect the physical body so if the pain message is deemed necessary then the pain needs to be there, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be there at that same level. Oftentimes the subconscious mind will agree to turn the pain down, sometimes considerably.

This type of chronic pain therapy is often different to anything else I do. The focus is on getting our subconscious mind to agree to let go of the old pain. Or to dial it down so that the message is still there but it’s not leaving us exhausted and in pain. This type of hypnotherapy often involves no actual hypnosis, so even if you are an absolute sceptic, you can still often see life changing results.

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While it may seem like the pain is somewhere in your body it is very much in the mind. That’s certainly not to say that it doesn’t exist because it absolutely does! The unconscious mind is where we really experience pain. It’s where the signals are coming from. So that’s where the resolution is.

Chronic pain can be described as an old computer program, that needs updating, or deleting and this can only be done with engagement and negotiation between both the conscious and unconscious minds.

If this sounds complicated, IT’S NOT! In fact, it may be one of the easiest things that you ever do and I will use chronic pain hypnotherapy treatments and help you all the way to either let go of, or severely reduce your old pain.

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About Hypnotherapy For Chronic Pain

The best part of all of this is that even if you are a staunch sceptic, I can likely still help you. As long as you DO actually want the pain gone. You might be required to make some small lifestyle changes to keep the pain away such as not running on worn out knees (obvious) but as long as you are willing we can almost certainly make some wonderful changes in your life!

You have nothing to lose but your pain!

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Hypnotherapy Can Help With Chronic Pain Relief

Complete or partial release from chronic pain hypnotherapy for so many issues can be expected, including but not limited to:

So when is the right time for YOU to let go of your unnecessary pain?

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