How Bulimia Hypnosis helped A Recent Client Overcome A Eating Disorder Of Fifteen Years

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Hi, I'm a Hypnotherapist based on the Gold Coast, Australia. I love helping people overcoming a wide range of barriers with hypnotherapy.

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I want to share the story of a recent client who had a long-standing issue with bulimia who came into my Gold Coast hypntherapy clinic. Or as she, and a lot of other people I’ve helped with bulimia refer to it as ‘binging and purging’.


Amy (name edited) had been struggling with bulimia for about fifteen years when she first contacted me. It, like is the case of so many others had started in her early teens where the pressure to remain thin and look a certain way, had caused her to become uncomfortable hanging on to any extra weight. Or as she referred to it as ‘that gross fat stuff’.


Amy hadn’t had a bad childhood, and grew up in a fairly typical Australian home so childhood traumas were easily and quickly ruled out, but as with so many other young girls when high school started, she felt the pressures of looking a certain way to fit into certain situations, to be accepted by her peers and avoid bullying.


Pretty quickly she learnt to her value on the opinions of others, how they saw her, and (cue puberty) whether she felt she would be attractive to the young boys she was going to school with.


Amy didn’t have an existing weight problem but unconsciously she figured out a way to ensure she never would and the seeds for the bulimia habit sprouted.

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See the unconscious mind ALWAYS serves to protect and in Amy’s situation the binging and purging habit was the perfect way for her own mind to protect her from any future weight gain and to allow her to fit in with the cool crowd at school and like what she saw in the mirror.


Every emotional or habitual problem that we have always begins as a solution to something else and this was no different for Amy.


So, Amy began the habit of purging every time she ate because it protected her from absorbing all the calories of the food she was eating which meant that not only could she eat whatever she wanted but she could also eat as much as she wanted and not gain weight (there’s the protective measure that was installed by her unconscious mind)


So, what did we do to resolve this issue for Amy?

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Hypnotherapy Helps Bulimia

Over the course of four sessions, I used a combination of different hypnotherapeutic modalities to not just uncover the root cause of what was causing the Bulimia, but to heal the parts of her that still deemed the habit necessary and as a result we were able to remove it completely.


Initially we used carefully guided regressions to ascertain when this habit started which not only allowed Amy to forgive the parts of herself that were still hurting from the negative experiences she encountered in high school, but also to forgive the people and situations that caused her to feel like she wasn’t good enough in the first place.


Then we used something called ‘Parts therapy’ to talk directly to the part of her that was responsible for the binging and purging, get it to understand that while it may have her best interest at heart that ultimately the Bulimia was not serving her highest good and the part agreed not only to stop what it was doing but we found it something much better to do which was focus on helping Amy feel good in her own skin.


Amy had been through years of talk therapy, counselling, psychology and even spent some time in hospital to try to deal with her issue and none of it got to the root cause of her issue. Nothing really helped.


Ultimately over four sessions Amy completely healed everything that was causing her eating disorder and after our six-week check-up she still couldn’t believe it was gone. Now, she feels amazing in her new life, loves not having to sneak around making time to binge and purge, and is no longer holding onto all the shame and guilt that it was causing her.

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